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Hey, It's Joe, owner of NEPA Tees. I screen print every order onto blank t-shirts that I order in bulk and due to slow shipping into the U.S. seaports many blank t-shirt suppliers are low and out of many blank t-shirts in popular colors and sizes. This shortage really hurts small business more than the large companies who have been able to secure huge amounts of blank t-shirt stock early in the year or even make their own blank shirts, I buy my blanks as I go and use a a specific brand for their softness and quality. I had planned to have the site back open in August but these shortages on blanks have made it really difficult on me. I have many blank t-shirts, but not all in full runs of sizes S through XXL, maybe I have L in heather black but XXL has been out of stock for months at the you see how it makes it really hard to open a site where I might not have some sizes or colors. It makes advertising more expensive as well. If many people are clicking on an ad I'm running but their size isn't there for them when they click the ad and land on my product, then I lose money as ad's are pay per click for me, and 95% of my customers come from social media ad's. I have so many really cool new designs for Fall and Halloween and it kills me that I am not able to be open right now! I'm trying my best to figure out a way to limp the site open with probably a quarter of my designs and only a fraction of color and size options. I'm 1 person and I do every aspect of this on my own. Thank you to all the people who made purchases last year and have been messaging and asking me when I will be open again, I truly appreciate your support and I am doing my best to have this somewhat back up and running soon. Please be patient and know that I'm juggling a lot of other things in my life as well. Thank you again for your support. Joe

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